Fabulously Floral Relaunch

Your Boutique Is Back!

Hi lovely.

The boutique has launched in a fabulously floral way! Look at our absolutely beautiful pink rose and peony floral installation.  These fabulous creations are often seen adorning high end boutiques in London. Wigan deserves it too.

The absolutely amazing Sarah from The Rose Boutique is the creative talent here. This is a fabulous celebration of the boutique relaunch.  The brief was pink peonies and sarah just ran with it. The construction work attracted a lot of positive attention. Bus drivers were smiling and putting thumbs up. Passer bys stopped and chatted – the feedback was fantastic. It really does brighten up the street.

Flowers are always a great mood lifter. God knows we need it now! It’s been a tough year so far for everyone. It’s super important now more than ever to support local independent businesses. Any way that local indies can attract customers they’re certainly doing it.

 The launch of the www.boutiquexcolette.com website meant our amazing customers could still shop in style. 

The relaunch has been an amazing success. It’s delightful to see the positive response to the fabulously floral relaunch. I think we might do it again. What do you think?

If you’d like to find out more about The Rose Boutique Click Here – The Rose Boutique