One Size Fashion.

One Size Fashion.

Lets not shy away from the truth here ladies. How many times have you tried a dress on that is ‘definitely’ your size, but is; actually definitely too small? Hands up if you’ve been that woman – who’s absolutely, flatly refused to wear said dress in a size or two up? I know  have! 

Our boutique one size clothing is the missing piece. There’s no need to conform to a ‘size’.

It's For Every Body Every Age

Here at Boutique X Colette we welcome EVERY BODY EVERY AGE. No-one is excluded and no we don’t have a special  range for ‘curvy ladies’ another way to point out that being over a size 12 you are different. You are not bloody different! Well, not in size anyway. In our country of beautiful women we are mostly a size 16 and above.  Surprised? In spite of this; the pressure to be smaller, slimmer, skinnier until you virtually disappear – is yet another delightful pressure for us to contend with.

Okay, rant over – can ‘one size’ clothes fit everyone?  The fact is they don’t ‘fit’; thats what makes our look so versatile. The idea is to wear these amazing pieces your way. We have pieces which feature varying lengths and cuts designed to flatter different body shapes. This is the fun part – you remember when it was actually fun ‘playing’ with different looks? You can have the confidence to do this without worrying what size it is.

For example, some of our t shirts and sweatshirts create a slouchy look. They’re not designed to fit closely. If you feel the t-shirt or sweatshirt may wear you rather than the other way round you can always put one of our basic long vests on underneath. This reveals its wide shoulder strap when you knock the t-shirt or sweatshirt off the shoulder. So rather than seeing bra strap your style looks calculated and classy.

We have fab Jersey dresses which are a midi length on ladies over size 5ft5 or maxi on smaller ladies, the length of our dresses can also be affected by the size of your bust. This dress style should be a staple in every woman wardrobe they’re that good! So the cut is skimming to the top half and as it descends the hips it flares out and back in. Super flattering. Wear this as it is with a lovely long necklace and flats or just as it is for an easy going look. You can also pop a lovely wide belt to draw in your waist  – for me my waist is higher so the belt always sits in an empire line style under the bust. Absolutely fabulous. This dress comes in plain or print, short or long sleeved styles and I often find that when you realise just how good it looks on; you end up buying the same stye in different designs. 


There is so much to share with you. New styles and new pieces are arriving weekly in limited quantities of each, staying in line with our boutique ethos. You can buy with confidence knowing that ‘Karen’ from the office probably wont be wearing the same thing when you go for a drink. Oof! How many times has this happened when you’ve bought that lovely top from any major high street retailer?

If you are not familiar with boutique shopping don’t be shy you’ve so much to gain from popping in. You will get that super positive one to one service – you’ll leave feeling great! Find your style and get that mojo for fashion back. You’ll be supporting a fabulously independent business and thats just so right on, now isn’t it?

What are you waiting for?

Come say hi Boutique X Colette 23 Mesnes Street, Wigan.