Stay at Home Style

Hey Ladies this is my first blog for our newly launched website! Well, we’ve been stuck at home for a number of weeks now with this terrible covid – 19. I don’t know about you but I’ve gone through several ‘phases’ during this time. From donning my scruffs in the first week so I could completely clean the house from top to bottom to feeling like crap then needing to slap on a bit of makeup, style the barnet a bit and wear something presentable.

It’s all a bit from one extreme to the other. There must be some middle ground?

Being stuck at home with little face to face real life interactions is bad enough for your mental health. I’ve found that  there’s that feeling of – ‘well no point making an effort then is there? Not seeing anyone’. This is the beginning of that downward spiral to feeling totally crap. What you wear isn’t the most important thing here – I realise that, but feeling comfy and good in what I wear does affect my mood. Colour!  – add colour, its so good for you. Lift yourself, literally from that uniform of black or grey and add a pop of colour like cheery yellow or warming soft pink in a top or even a scarf. Instant mood lifter!

This is what I enjoy wearing these days and its super easy –  Start with some basic leggings – our seamless black ones are a best seller. These leggings are the basis to an every day casual look and they’re so comfy! For this stay at home look I’ve paired them with our Tunic style t-shirts we’ve got various colours, prints and logos to choose from. Oh, and they’ve got POCKETS!! Who doesn’t love/need pockets? 

Staying At Home In Style.

How to create that effortless relaxed look easily.

 Start with the BASICS –

  • Black seamless leggings.
  • Basic long vest. (This is a great tip to follow if you feel the look overwhelms you – see I’ve got mine on in the pic below)
  • Longline short sleeved t-shirt. 
  • Canvas pumps or trainers.
  • Feeling the chill? Throw on one of our longline sweatshirts instead.

Let me know your thoughts about this. What have you been wearing during lockdown? Do you think theres a strong link between what you wear and how you feel?

I do hope you continue to read and enjoy these blogs.

Much Love

Col xx